Siluet Center was created with the idea of helping clients achieve physical and mental wellness. Our specialized and exclusive equipment have the latest technology to provide unique techniques that will benefit the skin and muscle. All of our services are pain free and proven to be effective on cellulite reduction, weight management, skin elasticity, and hydration. It is  proven to also provide a sense of overall wellness and energy.


Siluet Service. Body Rolls.


Our Body Rolls provide a healing and slimming effect by acting directly on the lymphatic system. They provide a lymphatic drainage mechanic massage which helps to relieve muscle tension and drain unnecessary toxins. At the same, it time reduces cellulite by working directly on the skin fascia elasticity to reduce cellulite appearance.

The Roll have multiple wooden rollers the circulates at different speeds towards body parts and breaks down subcutaneous adipose, making cellulite less visible. Most of the cellulite problems start at a fibrous connective tissue called Superficial Fascia. This soft tissue lies under the skin and contains millions of fat cells. Decreased activity, lack of exercise and poor diet makes this fascia to become less flexible and makes this area tight, making fat cells to show more through the skin fascia, like a fish net pressing your skin.

Our Rolls also come with an Infrared system which helps increase skin elasticity and provides a youthful skin appearance. Some of Body Rolls benefits are:

  • Reduce Cellulite Appearance.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Relief of Muscle Soreness.
  • Relaxation.
  • Increases Elasticity of Muscle and Skin.
Siluet Service. Sauna.


Our contemporary design Sauna is unlike any other. It is the only true Full Spectrum infrared sauna that offers advanced near, mid, and far-infrared technologies. In turn, this allows the perfect combination of high heat and deep penetration into your body. This Sauna technology emits the same heat as sun allowing increase body temperature and blood circulation. By doing so it will increase body’s oxygen flow, help relax the muscle, soften tissues, and a healthier skin. As the soothing infrared heat penetrates your skin it will help your cells to clear from impurities such as cholesterol and heavy metals. This process will help you obtain benefits such as:

  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Metabolism
  • Relief Muscle Pain
  • Reduce Cellulite Appearance
  • Improve Skin Health
Siluet Service. Hydrotherapy.


This Infrared Hydration Pro Pod is one with the latest technology with a revolutionary whole body liquid wellness pod system that delivers to the skin a moisture full of powerful water proteins and vitamins. At the same time the Pod emits an infrared light that creates a deep heat and a vibratory massage bed, making your experience healthful and relaxing at the same time.

The Pod session will provide you with a rejuvenation meditation with a refreshing mindfulness benefit. It will help you fell and enjoy the vital connection between mind and body for improved mental focus and acuity.

The Pod comes with four different programs in order to achieve different goals:

Hydration: Green lights ambiance with heat and steams full of Aloe, Collages, Algae and Hyaluronic Acid.

Cleanse: Blue lights ambiance with heat and steams full of Green Tea, Algae, Minerals and Bark Extract.

Skin Brightness: Orange light ambiance with heat and steams full of Green Tea, Oligopeptides and Vitamins E, C, A and B.

Weight Management: Pink light ambiance with heat and steams full of Caffeine, Yerba Mate, Algae and Cranberry.


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